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Product of the Month

March 2018

Hubbell USB Charging Receptacles. Charge Faster with Hubbell!

Hubbell USB Charging Receptacles
[ click image to view a larger size ]
Type A, C and Type A&C
  • Compliant with USB BC1.2 Battery Charging and 3.0 Power delivery. Compatible with USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 devices.
  • USB Type-C port is legacy USB Type A compatible (with adapter cord - not included).
  • Heavy duty stainless steel USB ports; rated for 10,000 cord insertions and removals.
  • Patented Hubbell Tamper-Resistant technology uses cam action shutters. When two plug blades are inserted the interlocked cams slide an insulating barrier out of the way. The friction-free design of the mechanism's doors requires much less force, allowing the plug to slide in effortlessly.
  • Designed for commercial, industrial and home use.

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