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Product of the Month

May 2018

KILLARK AF and DF Series

KILLARK Expansion and Deflection Fittings
KILLARK Expansion and Deflection Fittings
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KILLARK, a leading manufacturer and provider of electrical conduit fittings around the world, is pleased to announce a full line of Expansion and Deflection fitting, the AF and DF series.

This new series maintains the quality and reliability for which KILLARK is recognized and offers premium fittings for the industry's needs.

Expansion and Deflection fittings are engineered to accommodate axial, linear and angular movement in conduit runs, driven by temperature fluctuation and structural movement.

Target markets for this product include Bridges, Tunnels, Parking Garages, Building Constructions, Stadiums, State Transit Systems, Marinas, Docks, Piers, or any other place that requires a long run of conduit where various ranges of temperatures take place.

The Deflection DF series is made from a synthetic silicone rubber to prevent drying and rotting and to ensure durability. It allows " extension and contraction movement as well as a 30° angular flex.

The Expansion AF series permits a 4" to 8" expansion and contraction between two conduit connections. Its ZA12 zinc alloy finish provides the strength of iron along with the corrosion resistance of aluminum.

The AF/DF series is rain, water, and concrete-tight and suitable for use in wet and dry locations. It is available four different finishes.

All Expansion and Deflection series fittings are designed, cast, machined, and assembled in North America!

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