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June / July 2018
Intercept LED Sports Light
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Intercept LED Sports Light

Let Hubbell light your path to victory by providing a system that outperforms anything you have experienced in the past. A system that disappears before your eyes but highlights everything you want and need to see. A system that operates effortlessly and efficiently to elevate your game and experience.

Intercept is a superior high output, high efficiency LED floodlight with a variety of flood distributions for lighting applications such as general and security lighting for large areas, port and rail centers, airport apron and interior or exterior sports.

  • The Intercept low glare shields provide industry leading glare reduction with minimal effect on light output
  • Delivered lumens up to 90,000
  • Scalable LED modules allow for an optimized configuration for various lumen output targets
  • Flexible control solutions allow for individual fixture control for your desired functionality; anywhere from on/off control to a wireless fully scheduled system
  • Up to 25°C ambient temperature rating
  • Dynamic thermal management design that maximizes heat dissipation, substantially increasing life of the luminaire
  • Built in surge suppression adds an additional layer of protection for the luminaire’s driver

Intercept specification page
Intercept brochure 1
Intercept brochure 2

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